Custom Floor Plans

We offer complete home customization services from start to finish. Our team can transform even the most basic napkin sketch into detailed blueprints that bring your dream home to life.

Cost Saving Evaluations

First, we talk with you, our valued customer and partner. We carefully plan the structure and work with your budget to create your dream barndominium. Our expert team begins construction after we finalize the plans together.

Partial or Complete Construction

We have flexible options for your barndo construction needs. From a basic shell to a move-in-ready design, we’ll assist you every step of the way. Start with basic living areas now and finish other spaces later, all with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Explore your options to get you in your new home!

Project Management

We provide professional coordination of all aspects involved in a construction project, from pre-construction to the final structure. It entails managing both resources and people to effectively control cost, scope, time, and quality throughout the project's lifecycle.

Dry-in Construction

We offer a Dry-in construction service to help you stay within your budget. Our professional team completes all necessary exterior work, including installing windows, doors, 26 gauge roofing wall sheets, and adding a weather-resistant barrier. This leaves you with the opportunity to finish the construction yourself to your own specifications.

Complete Construction

We provide a comprehensive construction service that fits your budget. Our expert team accomplishes all essential tasks to deliver your dream home. We make necessary modifications and maintain transparency throughout the project so that you are fully aware and involved in the final result.

General Steel Construction

Metal Buildings




Garage, Storage & Hobby Buildings

Farm Buildings

Equiestrian Buildings

Commercial Buildings